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“We Don’t Know How Many Are Dead” Humanitarian Crisis In The Florida Keys

From Chicks On The Right:

Hurricane Irma tore across the Florida Keys and much of Central Florida yesterday, leaving a “humanitarian crisis” in its wake:

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According to this:

Rescuers have admitted they do not know how many people in Florida have been killed by Hurricane Irma amid fears of a looming ‘humanitarian crisis’.

Up to 10,000 people are believed to have stayed in their Florida Keys homes during the storm and now have no water, food or power, officials have warned.

It comes as it emerged Irma has left nearly 4.5million people without electricity and five dead as the destructive storm hammered the state with strong winds and threats of devastating storm surges.

The deadly storm had earlier punished Fort Myers and Naples after coming ashore for the second time in Marco Island. The National Hurricane Center said water levels in Naples rose 7ft in just 90 minutes.

The death toll jumped to five today with reports a person had been found dead in a home in Florida Keys.

But this morning, Florida Director of Emergency Management Bryan Koon said he could not confirm or deny reports of multiple deaths or extensive damage admitting: ‘I don’t have any numbers on fatalities at this point.’Koon said about 10,000 people stayed in the Keys to ride out the storm but communications had been cut off.

He said it was likely they did not have power or water and that there would have been ‘fairly significant impact to homes’.

‘It is obvious we need to get in there, assess the damage and figure out what we need to do for helping those folks,’ he said.

More than 170,000 people waited in shelters statewide as Irma headed up the coast.

Irma has so far claimed five lives in Florida, including two law enforcement officials involved in a car crash yesterday. Hardee County Sheriff’s deputy and mother-of-one Julie Bridges and Hardee Correctional Institute sergeant Joseph Ossman crashed and died around 60 miles from Saratosa.

The storm toppled cranes, swallowed streets and left millions without power as it unleashed its terrifying fury after wreaking a trail of death and destruction through the Caribbean.

Praying that the death toll doesn’t continue to rise.



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