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It’s Being Upheld! Supreme Court Issues the Ruling We’ve All Been Longing to Hear

From Young Cons:

Looks like liberals are going to be freaking out again this evening.

The Supreme Court has ruled on the travel ban.

And conservatives are going to like what they hear.

From Times of Israel:

US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy issued a temporary order on Monday allowing the Trump administration to maintain its restrictive policy on refugees for the time being.

The order was in response to the administration’s request for the high court to block a lower court ruling that could allow up to 24,000 refugees to enter the United States.

From Young Cons:

The ruling from the Court of Appeals would have allowed refugees to come in if a resettlement agency agreed to take them in.

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That ruling was supposed to go into action on Tuesday and could have pertained to up to 24,000 refugees.

The ruling did not challenge the part of the Court of Appeals ruling that applies to a temporary ban on visitors from six mostly Muslim countries. The appeals court ruled that grandparents and cousins of people already in the US cannot be excluded from the country under the travel ban.

But if all one needed to get in was having a refugee agency willing to take you, it basically would operate as an open door to anyone, as the Trump administration explained to the Supreme Court.

The administration told the court Monday that changing the way it enforces the policy on refugees would allow “admission of refugees who have no connection to the United States independent of the refugee-admission process itself.”

Fortunately, the SCOTUS had enough sense (unlike the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals) to understand this and not apply this ridiculous effort by an activist court.

Thank God there’s a stop gap of sanity at the end of the tunnel past all the judicial activism!



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