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Trump Spox: Democrats Need to Denounce Radical Code Pink Disruptors (Video)

Via The Gateway Pundit:

Donald Trump Attorney general nominee Senator Jeff Sessions will face the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday morning for his confirmation hearing.

This morning screaming Code Pink activists greeted Senator Sessions dressed as KKK members.

Later this morning Donald Trump White House spokesperson went off on Democrats and Code Pink activists:

I think Democrats should be held accountable and should be asked do you think this appropriate for left wing groups to come in and interrupt a hearing?

There’s a new sheriff in town, folks.
The Trump administration is already challenging Democrats and their radical allies.

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Trump Spox Sean Spicer: Democrats Need to Denounce Tactics of Radical Code Pink Disruptors

For the record…. Code Pink has strong ties to Obama, the Iranian regime and radical groups around the globe.



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