Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Mariah Carey Reveal She’s a TOTAL PERV

From Chicks On The Right:

So… there’s some WEIRD allegations against Mariah Carey…. and they’re pretty awkward

I find the woman completely insufferable… so part of me is inclined to believe it.

It sounds like something the hag would do.

Of course… I don’t know. So…. take it all with a grain of salt.

According to this:

Michael Anello – the former security guard for Mariah Carey – is threatening the singing sensation with legal action, claiming she sexually harassed him, humiliated him and owes him money, according to TMZ.

The founder of Anello Security & Consulting – who has been an ‘Executive Protection Agent’ since 2006 – has made allegations that the Hero singer, 47, told him he was a ‘Nazi skinhead’ and that she has an outstanding bill owed to his firm for $221,329.51.

So…she doesn’t pay her staff and she calls them skinheads.


TMZ claims to have seen a draft of a lawsuit prepared by Anello’s attorney, which he is threatening to serve Mariah with, but that is thought to be on hold while negotiations are taking place.

MailOnline have approached Mariah’s representatives for comment.

The file supposedly claims that the security firm were under Mariah’s employ from June 2015 to May 2017, but that there was an agreement in place for further two years.

Anello claims he was promised an additional $511k for the further two years of work – an agreement that has presumably now been cancelled.

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According to Anello, Mariah called him ‘a Nazi, a skinhead, a KKK member and a white supremacist’.

He also claims she ‘wanted to be surrounded with black guys, not white people’ when it came to her security team.

Cuz she’s a racist. Got it.

In addition, the draft lawsuit allegedly claims the singer committed ‘sexual acts with the intent that they be viewed by Anello’.

Specifically, this refers to an alleged incident that took place during a trip to Cabo San Lucas.

It’s written that Mariah asked Anello up to her room to move some of her luggage, only to find her ‘wearing a see-through negligee that was open’.

Anello reportedly tried to leave, but she insisted he move the luggage.

The draft lawsuit says he ended up exiting the room and that there was no physical contact.

A racist flasher.

NOTE: people are going to say this isn’t a big deal and that he got lucky to see some naked Mariah. These same people are super upset that Harvey Weinstein showered in front of chicks… so yeah. They’re both gross.

TMZ have said that ‘Mariah’s people were in touch with Anello’s lawyer on Monday who were agreeable to pay certain invoices, but Anello is not satisfied with the amount’.

They add: ‘Mariah’s people have no information on the sexual harassment claim’.

Earlier this week, Mariah was said to have undergone surgery to lose weight, according to a new shocking report.

Dunno how the gastric bypass surgery bit is relevant, but I figured you’d want that info.

Anyway… Mariah might be a pervy racist.

She just doesn’t want you around, white people!


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