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Retired Marine And Gun Shop Owner Asks Pelosi 1 Simple Question About Vegas – Her Answer…

From Western Journalism:

During a town hall event on Wednesday hosted by CNN, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was asked to explain how gun control would have prevented the Las Vegas shooting.

However, the response she gave seems to have left more questions than answers.

Dan Hinkson, a retired U.S. Marine Captain and gun store owner in Virginia, had asked Pelosi directly what new law could be put in place to prevent shootings such as the one in Las Vegas.

“My question is…someone with that kind of motivation, what new law can we put out there that would stop something like this?” Hinkson asked, referring to 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, who authorities identified as the gunman.

Pelosi’s answer was to “come together in a bipartisan way” that would be able to “save the most lives.”

“That is to have background checks, gun violence prevention, background checks, and to have them be effective,” Pelosi said.

However, a report from NBC News suggests Paddock had passed background checks and legally purchased the weapons believed to have been used during the shooting.

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Pelosi said she believes there would be bipartisan support in Congress for stricter gun control measures.

“They’re checked,” Hinkson replied, pointing out that the U.S. already has background checks in place.

“They all get checked,” Pelosi said. “They all get checked. They all get checked. But there are loopholes.”

Hinkson’s question to Pelosi begins at the 5:45 mark in the video.


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CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who was hosting the town hall, quickly jumped in. Cuomo said Pelosi was referring to loopholes on the Internet and between private gun sales.

“And so if we could include — expand the background checks to include those, it would save lives.” Pelosi said. “But it isn’t the complete answer. We’d have to do many other things, as well. And people have to be vigilant.”

After admitting that Paddock purchased the weapons legally and passed all background checks, Cuomo then took issue with “bump stocks.”

Cuomo was referencing reports indicating that at least two weapons found in Paddock’s room at the Mandalay Bay hotel had bump stocks.

A bump stock, which is legal in the U.S., is a device that can be added to a semi-automatic weapon that allows it fire bullets at an accelerated rate, similating a fully-automatic weapon.

“That is something that if they were illegal, he would not have been able to do that, he would not have been able to have the killing power that he brought,” Cuomo asked Pelosi. “What about that as a measure?”

She said she would support a measure that made bump stocks illegal.

“Well, that is something that we should do right away. People were not aware of the bump stock or the bump fire stock, whatever, people call it one thing or another,” Pelosi said.

During his interview on Thursday with MSNBC host Hugh Hewitt, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., said that Congress should look into bump stocks.

“Look, I didn’t know what they were until this week and I’m an avid sportsman, and so we are quickly coming up to speed with this,” Ryan said.

“So to turn a semiautomatic to fully automatic is something we have to look into.”



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