Remember The Officer Who Arrested A Nurse For Protecting A Patient? Well, There’s More To The Story…

From Chicks On The Right:

A few days ago, we told you about the Utah nurse who was arrested after refusing to hand over a patient’s blood to cops. Long story short, she didn’t do anything wrong. The cops didn’t have a warrant, and the patient in question was unconscious. She was just doing her job.

The video is hard to watch:

(Chicks on The Right) – It looks bad. Veteran Salt Lake City Police Det. Jeff Payne definitely looks like he’s in the wrong. He’s already paying for his actions. He’s been fired from his part-time paramedic job.

Payne’s actions ”violated several company policies and left a poor image of the company,” Gold Cross President Mike Moffitt said in a Tuesday interview. ”We determined today it was best to part ways.”

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(Chicks on The Right) – However, there are two sides to every story. A clever and competent reader sent us an email, and we thought it was worth sharing. As it turns out, he knows Payne personally and says the video doesn’t reflect who Payne is as a person. Here’s part of the email–

Jeff Payne’s been in public service for over 30-years. He started as an EMT, making $3.55 an hour, working 90+ hours a week, caring for an treating every walk of life. A volunteer fire fighter for his community, and truly one of the NICEST guys you would EVER meet. Would and HAS given the shirt off his back to a total stranger, if they were better off for it. He was never in it for the money; he truly cared about his fellow man, sticking up for the little guy, and helping ANYONE in need. I know, because I was Jeff’s first partner in EMS. He saved my sanity many times, as we responded on unimaginable calls; dead kids, suicides, abandon geriatrics, the homeless derelicts, and on. Jeff Payne served and served well.

It’s been very heart warming to see people come out of the woodwork to stand up for Jeff. All of his old partners and colleagues have announced their steadfast support for Jeff, whom they have seen work Holidays for friends with families, and selflessly always give.

What happened that day in July, and what the Hospital’s lawyer decided to release, have simply destroyed his 30-years of impeccable service, and his pride in doing so. That video does not show the 2-hours of waiting, deliberation between sergeants, supervisors and eventually a lieutenant, who directed Payne to arrest the nurse. One thing about Jeff, he is loyal to his supervisors.

(Chicks on The Right) – We owe it to everyone to examine both sides of the story. Authorities are still sorting through the facts, and all we can do is examine those objectively.

Blue Lives Matter sheds more light on what possibly went down here:

Watch commander, Lt. Tracy, reportedly ordered the blood draw and arrest of nurse Wubbels. The question arises if Detective Payne was obligated to follow the orders of his lieutenant.

The answer is that if the Detective believed that the order was unlawful, then he should have refused the order.

However, it is unlikely that Detective Payne believed that the order was unlawful.

If he had not been given an order to arrest Wubbels, Detective Payne would have had the discretion to leave her, and likely would have.

If Detective Payne believed that the order to arrest he was lawful, then he was obligated to follow the orders of his lieutenant.

Why Did This Happen?

We are getting deeper into the realm of speculation but it would be hard to infer any malicious intent from this incident.

The most likely cause of this incident is that Detective Payne believed that his actions were lawful, which would happen if he failed to receive training on case law updates. The Lieutenant then forced the incident to escalate by ordering an arrest of a nurse.

Police officers are responsible for being aware of well-established case law, and if it’s determined that the arrest was unlawful, both Detective Payne, Lt. Tracy, and the department would be liable.




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