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Pence Brings His 9/11 Speech To Screeching Halt & Shocks Everyone With What He Did From Podium

From Freedom Daily:

Vice President Mike Pence took the stage today in Shanksville, Pennsylvania where United Flight 93 crashed on September 11, 2001. His remarks to the crowd in remembrance of the victims that day started out as planned before he suddenly brought his speech to a screeching halt.

Everyone in attendance was shocked at what he stopped for when they saw what he did straight from the podium.

Sixteen years ago today, an airplane had taken off from Newark, New Jersey before hijackers took over with the plan to fly the commercial aircraft full of passengers into the U.S. Capitol building as part of a joint terrorist attack on America.

A group of heroes on board fought the terrorists and brought the plane down before it could make it to the intended target. Everyone on board perished in that Pennsylvania field, but countless lives were spared by it not making it to the capital that horrific morning now burned into our nation’s history.

This was an especially difficult speech for Mike Pence to give because of one personal fact that came out today during his speech. The emotional Vice President stopped and was unable to speak while he sobbed about this very tragic event that nearly took his life.

“On September 11, 2001, Vice President Mike Pence was serving as a member of the House of Representatives. That morning Pence was scheduled to be in the U.S. Capitol building,” Independent Journal Review explained.

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“The U.S. Capitol building was the intended target of the hijacked United Flight 93, which had just taken off from Newark, New Jersey. As the trapped passengers on flight 93 heard from family members that other hijacked planes were being used as weapons against their fellow Americans, they decided to take action.”

Had it not been for these heroes on board 93 who fought terrorists off with their own hands, Mike Pence wouldn’t be out Vice President today because he would have been killed in the U.S. Capitol building. The aircraft didn’t make it that far because these brave men had grit and did what they knew they had to do to save hundreds of lives – including Pence’s.

The Vice President got emotional thinking what these heroes did who died in the field he stood in. He didn’t try to hide his tears, it was a moment that was seen and felt by everyone in attendance and those watching the live coverage of his speech. It was a moment in time we all need to remember, as many have seen to forgotten too easily in their desire for divisiveness.



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