N.Korea Claims They Will Target U.S. Bases In Japan…Trump Sends A HUGE Weapon To Counter!

From I Have The Truth:

North Korea has been a thorn in the side of America and South Korea for a long time. The little runt pig that’s in charge over there is just as crazy of not crazier than his Dad and Grandfather, with his constant missile testing, and threats towards America…

Well now those threats seem to be coming closer to home. The Daily Mail had the story:

Nuclear-armed North Korea said Tuesday its missile launches were training for a strike on US bases in Japan, as President Trump warned Kim Jong-Un of ‘dire consequences’ and deployed missiles to South Korea.

The latest declaration from Pyongyang comes the day after it launched four ballistic missiles 600 miles into the Sea of Japan, in an alarming show of strength.

On Tuesday, the regime also released pictures of King Jong-Un watching the launch of the missiles and applauding with a wild grin on his face.

Three of the four missiles fired Monday came down provocatively close to US ally Japan, in waters that are part of its exclusive economic zone, representing a challenge to US President Donald Trump.

In a phone call, Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe warned that the threat from North Korea had ‘entered a new stage.’
Meanwhile, Washington and Seoul have agreed to deploy a US missile defense system called THAAD to South Korea, which has infuriated China, the North’s key diplomatic ally and crucial to efforts to persuade it to change its ways.

Things are looking good for wither side, but it’s good to have President and Secretary of Defense that won’t take crap from this backwards nation. It’s already bad enough that we had eight years of weakness to show the world.

Time to change that perception.



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