Trump Calls Vladimir Putin To Thank Him For Kind Comments On Recovery of U.S. Economy

Ever since losing the election the left has been pushing the big lie about “Russian collusion” as the reason for the witch Hillary’s loss, in the hopes that if they only repeat it often enough (with help from their friends in the media) that it will become the truth.

Well, it may have worked for Hitler in the 1940’s, but it’s not working out so well for the hysterical American left.

In fact the whole “Russian Collusion” narrative pretty much fell apart with the Mueller “investigation” that went nowhere, and the newly shined light on Hillary’s own collusion with the “Uranium One” situation.

However, that won’t stop some of the diehards from flipping their sh*t once they hear about the following story:

So apparently during a press conference in Moscow, Vladimir Putin had the audacity to praise President Trump’s incredible success in turning around the U.S. economy. An inconvenient truth for the Democrats and the Radical Left (who are pretty much one and the same at this point).

So what did Trump do? He called Putin and thanked him for his positive remarks. Surely that’s a good thing, and helps create a conducive atmosphere towards strengthening the relationship between Russia and the U.S., right??

Well, not according to the left who won’t be happy until we go to war with Russia over the harridan Hillary’s loss of the 2016 election. Yes, according to the left people need to DIE on a massive scale, and perhaps threaten world peace itself in order to make up for the loss of one elderly corrupt lying sick disgusting degenerate of a politician (Hillary).

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Seriously do these idiots really expect Trump to never talk to Russian president Vladimir Putin during the next 4-8 years, a frekin’ head of state to one of the biggest world powers on the PLANET???

The N.Y. post has more:

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for remarks he made Thursday “acknowledging America’s strong economic performance,” the White House said.

The two presidents spoke by phone following Putin’s annual press conference in Moscow.

Trump and Putin also discussed ways to work together to address North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic weapons program.

During his remarks in Moscow, Putin accused those investigating potential collusion between Russia and Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign of damaging the US political situation, “incapacitating the president and showing a lack of respect to voters who cast their ballots for him.”

Putin also warned the US against using force against North Korea. Trump has repeatedly said that all options remain on the table.


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H/T – Nypost.com

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