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Hateful Far Left Gay Couple Stalks Ivanka Trump at JFK, Secret Service ‘Intervene’ (VIDEO)

From Right Wing News:

The Brooklyn lawyer and his husband were tossed off a JetBlue flight at Kennedy Airport for verbally assaulting Ivanka Trump on Thursday morning… they he was speedily hurried out of the San Francisco airport once he arrived to the destination, hours after Ivanka and her family.


JetBlue kicked them from the plane after Goldstein started making insulting comments about the mother-of-three – Ivanka Trump – who was on board with her three children – and her father, the President-elect.


Once Ivanka’s flight had touched down in San Francisco in the afternoon, and to prevent any further incident with these two dirt bags, she and her family were hurried off the plane by Secret Service and into SUVs that took them to a nearby private jet bound for Hawaii.

From The Gateway Pundit:

New York gay couple Matt Lasner and his husband Attorney Dan Goldstein targeted Ivanka Trump and her family today at JFK Airport in New York City.


After spotting Ivanka and HER CHILDREN the unhinged leftists CHASED HER DOWN!

Ivanka Trump was flying commercial today.

The unhinged Hillary supporter harassed Ivanka and her children on the plane.

Lasner has since deleted his Twitter account.

Such awful gays.


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WATCH: Man kicked off JetBlue flight after allegedly harassing Ivanka Trump

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