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Canadian Prime Minister DECLINES Invitation To Trump’s Inauguration- Kellyanne Conway Returns The Favor

From I Have The Truth:

Yea, that’s a great move Mr. Radical Leftist Trudeau…look down your nose to your country’s greatest ally why don’t you.

What a hack.

The guy really has no business running a country, not when he’s obviously not even qualified to run a lemonade stand.

When he got voted in, it was like a Twilight Zone for where there was no escaping, it made zero sense, and it was extremely bizarre. He just isn’t cut out to be a leader, his experience is little to none, and his qualifications might as well be cashiering at McDonald’s.

Too harsh?

Don’t really care, because this is a man who had a freaking meltdown over Fidel Castro’s death. If that doesn’t say enough, nothing will.

It appears he’s being a bit of a brat…which ok, whatever.

But…don’t complain when KellyAnne decides she has time to respond in her own way.

He shouldn’t have pulled the a-hole number in the first place.

President-elect Donald Trump’s recently appointed counselor Kellyanne Conway has cancelled her plans to visit with Canadian business executives last week. Conway was scheduled to speak at a dinner in Calgary, Alberta hosted by the Alberta Prosperity Fund.

“I can tell you that Ms. Conway’s office and our own have tried every option at our disposal to make this work and, unfortunately, a visit is just not possible at this time,” said Barry McNamar, the fund’s president, in a news release on Saturday.

McNamar did not return calls by The Daily Caller on Sunday to clarify the reason for the cancellation.

On Friday Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office confirmed that he will not be attending the Trump inauguration on Jan. 20 and will instead embark on a coast to coast tour of rural Canada.

Do you think this is just a coincidence?

Could be.

Or it’s not, and this Prime Minister just got a taste of his own bitter medicine.

Stay tuned… when we know, you will.



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