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BREAKING: George Soros Just BUSTED In Alabama… This Is REALLY BAD

From America’s Freedom Fighters:

It’s no secret that billionaire George Soros is the single largest threat to our republic in existence, and he has no issues using his vast fortune to undermine our nation at every turn.

From dumping millions into elections to funding subversive activist groups, Soros has his hand in nearly every facet of American society, and it’s all for the worse as he’s a far-left extremist who’s known for creating chaos and division in every country he gets his tentacles into.

The latest ploy of his is in Alabama, where a highly controversial Senate race is currently underway, with Republican Roy Moore currently leading in the polls despite an onslaught of sexual misconduct allegations. Soros has been busted secretly funding groups that are attempting to register convicted felons to vote en-masse, all so they can try to defeat Moore in the traditionally red state and log a victory for Democrats.

Breitbart News has more:

Birmingham, ALABAMA — An organization partnered with a George Soros-financed group and led by a radical leftist who is the half-brother of the infamous controversial Rev. Al Sharpton has been diligently working over the past few weeks to register convicted felons across Alabama.

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The aim of the effort has been to get as many felons as possible on the roster before last Monday, the deadline to register in order to vote in Alabama’s Dec. 12 senate special election that pits Republican Roy Moore against Democratic challenger Doug Jones.  The man spearheading the campaign has stated outright that his effort is meant to ensure a Democratic victory in Alabama.

The thousands of felons reportedly newly registered over the past few weeks were most likely not included in any recent polling on the Alabama senate race put out by major firms.

Jones himself is tied to some of the specific organizations associated with the drive to register felons here. Indeed, as Breitbart News first reported, Jones spearheaded a project for a massively Soros-financed legal activist group demanding full voting rights be given to felons released from prison, including those convicted of murder, rape and other violent crimes.

Isn’t that nice?

They can’t win on the up-and-up, so they’re going to work their hardest to register people to vote, who otherwise had no interest, then likely tell them who to vote for, which often happens with these highly controversial voter drives.

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