Trump Orders Unprecedented “Historic” Audit Of The Department Of Defense

We all love our military, well except for the America Hating left perhaps. However, wherever there are bureaucracies there will always exists the potential for waste and corruption, and sadly the Department of Defense (DoD) is no exception.

An article by Zero Hedge reports that America’s world-wide military presence is such that the Pentagon itself can’t track how many US service members are deployed where. A new bombshell article in Stars and Stripes military newspaper is non-ironically headlined, ‘Report: 44,000 ‘unknown’ military personnel stationed around the world’.

So not only has the DoD lost track of nearly 44,000 troops, but apparently this monolithic organization has NEVER been audited in its entire 73 yr. history:

(CP) – Ever since the 1980s, when revelations of massive over-spending were revealed, the Department of Defense has used political influence and convenient opportunities to put off audits.

In “2015, the Pentagon denied trying to shelve a study detailing $125 billion in waste created by a bloated employee counts for noncombat related work such as human resources, finance, health care management and property management.

But, here’s the good news: This is all about to change under the Donald Trump administration.

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In a largely unreported and unprecedented move the Pentagon announces the first ever audit of the DoD:

(NPR) – “Beginning in 2018, our audits will occur annually, with reports issued Nov. 15,” the Defense Department’s comptroller, David L. Norquist, said.

The Defense Department has famously never been audited, despite receiving hundreds of billions of dollars annually and having more than $2.2 trillion in assets.

President Trump and his administration deserve MASSIVE credit for this move, as well as the many other achievements and successes of this administration which the corrupt mainstream media conveniently under reports of flat out ignores.. It is a big step in the efforts to drain the swamp.

The Conservative Post added that, “If it is revealed that the Pentagon has either negligently or purposefully ‘lost’ track of trillions of dollars while our fighter jets are falling out of the skies and our brave men and women on the front lines of combat go without pay, the entire structure needs to be reformed from the ground up and heads need to roll.”

Sources: ConservativePost / NPR

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